Up to 50 Vendors Set to Earn MSPAlliance Accreditation

celiaMSPAlliance President Charles Weaver spent some time telling me about the organization’s new accreditation program during a conference last month. Sounds like the program is gaining some traction.

So far, eight vendors have received the accreditation, including Asigra, Dell/SilverBack, Do IT Smarter, Intel, LiveCargo, N-able, Untangle and XRoads Networks, according to Web Host Industry News. Roughly 50 vendors are on track to receive the accreditation by the close of 2007, Weaver told WHIN. So what’s the upside for managed service providers? The accreditation appears to offer four clear benefits to MSPs and their customers. Continue reading


Five Disruptive Technologies for MSPs

I lifted the headline for this blog entry from a presentation David Strom delivered this morning at the MSP Alliance conference in San Jose. So, what were the five disruptive technologies? Three of them were obvious, but David caught my ear with his analysis of the other two — and some timely perspective on Microsoft Small Business Server. Continue reading

Memo to Cisco, Symantec

The buzz is loud here at the MSP Alliance conference in San Jose. Up-and-coming MSP platform providers are inking partnerships with each other, and networking with more than 200 VARs and integrators. Clearly, the MSP ecosystem is maturing rapidly. Still, big vendors like Cisco Systems and Symantec are noticeably absent from this small but growing event. Looking ahead, those big players would be wise to follow the leads of Dell and Intel into the MSP market. Continue reading

Third Brigade Makes First Service Provider Move

Third Brigade, a security software company led by former Entrust Technologies executives, is opening its arms to managed service providers. During the MSP Alliance conference in San Jose, Third Brigade announced that it has expanded its partner program to support service providers. I’ve got to admit: Third Brigade wasn’t on my radar until I spotted them at the conference. But they’ve got my attention now. Here’s why. Continue reading

Specialization: Don’t Believe the Hype?

You’ve got to specialize, specialize, specialize to succeed as a managed service provider. That’s been the key message from vendors for more than a year now. But the vendors are wrong, according to Ziff Davis Enterprise Editorial Director Mike Vizard. Instead, MSPs need to offer a broader range of services. Confused? Don’t be. I worked a bit with Mike back at Ziff Davis, and there’s sound logic behind his thought process. Continue reading

Level Platforms Scores With Do IT Smarter

This just in: Do IT Smarter has selected LPI Level Platforms’s Collaborative Ecosystem MSP Platform to “drive the growth of their full service offering for solution providers,” according to press release that just hit the wires. The move reinforces several points raised by Do IT Smarter at today’s MSP Alliance conference in San Jose.

Do IT Smarter offers a an outsourced hosting center, remote help desk and sales and marketing support to VARs that are embracing managed services. In contrast, Level Platforms specializes in remote monitoring and management software for solution providers offering managed services to their small and midsize customers. Level Platforms is the latest in a growing list of relationships for Do IT Smarter.

Five Trends At MSP Alliance Conference

I’m in San Jose for the MSP Alliance Fall Managed Services Conference. It’s my first time at an MSP Alliance event. And frankly, I’m not sure what to see. But I do expect to hear about five key trends at the event. Here’s the rundown.

Continue reading