McDonalds Meets Managed Services

McDonalds_Golden_ArchesLike a Big Mac and a large fries (Mmmmm…), IT service franchises now go hand-in-hand with managed services. The latest example: Expetec Technology Services — an IT services franchisor in 20 states and Canada — has embraced the ConnectWise managed services platform. The move comes roughly one week after the Fast-Tek franchises announced plans to leverage Kaseya and SecureMyCompany’s managed services. The bottom line: If break-fix franchises are embracing managed services, surely more sophisticated solutions providers need to do the same. Continue reading


Fast-teks Franchises Embrace Managed Services

Imagine if The Geek Squad embraced managed services. That very scenario is occurring at Fast-teks, a nationwide computer services company that’s working with Kaseya and SecureMyCompany to master managed services. Under terms of a new initiative, Fast-teks is using SecureMyCompany’s hosted offerings to service customers in more than 120 North American markets. The online services include Kaseya Managed Services software, which offers asset management, software inventory and remote management capabilities.

Five Trends At MSP Alliance Conference

I’m in San Jose for the MSP Alliance Fall Managed Services Conference. It’s my first time at an MSP Alliance event. And frankly, I’m not sure what to see. But I do expect to hear about five key trends at the event. Here’s the rundown.

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Cisco Will Unveil MSP Strategy In October

MSP platform providers can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Cisco Systems Inc. does not — I repeat, does not — plan to introduce a managed services platform. Instead, the company is preparing new pricing models for its products, so that managed service providers can more easily formulate their own pricing models for customers.

Cisco will announce the MSP pricing program in October. Some of the early details about the program popped up on TechIQ on September 12. When pressed about the managed services strategy, Cisco executives said they had no plans to compete with Autotask, N-able, Kaseya, and other MSP platform providers. Also, Cisco has no plans to launch a managed security platform, nor does it plan to compete with the forthcoming Symantec Protection Network.

Kaseya Launches 24×7 Managed Services Program

In early August, TechIQ’s daily blog hinted that Kaseya was prepping a new initiative to help VARs offer 24×7 managed services. (See item 9 on this list.) That prediction came true today as part of Kaseya’s new emPower Program.

The Kaseya emPower Program includes three components:
• Kaseya emPower Out-Tasking
• Kaseya emPower Toolkit
• Kaseya emPower Education

The Out-Tasking effort leverages Kaseya IT Monitor Assist, an “always on” 24×7 monitoring system that filters through thousands of alerts to determine which items are critical and need immediate attention.

In contrast, the Kaseya emPower Toolkit provides access to technical information, sales and marketing tools and industry knowledge resources that were developed through collaboration with successful MSP peers and industry analysts.

Additional Kaseya emPower Out-Tasking services and Kaseya emPower Education information will be made available and announced in the coming months. For additional information, visit