Cognos CEO Watching Managed Services

20130227-RobAshe_800The folks at Cognos, one of the leading business intelligence software providers, are in a curious position. Cognos’s rivals are getting acquired by big players like Oracle and SAP AG. And the software industry as a whole is moving toward software as a service (SaaS) — think and So where does that leave Cognos? The BI software provider has to get a better feel for SaaS, managed services and the channel. Fast. Cognos’s CEO is doing exactly that. Here’s how. Continue reading


Five Disruptive Technologies for MSPs

I lifted the headline for this blog entry from a presentation David Strom delivered this morning at the MSP Alliance conference in San Jose. So, what were the five disruptive technologies? Three of them were obvious, but David caught my ear with his analysis of the other two — and some timely perspective on Microsoft Small Business Server. Continue reading

Third Brigade Makes First Service Provider Move

Third Brigade, a security software company led by former Entrust Technologies executives, is opening its arms to managed service providers. During the MSP Alliance conference in San Jose, Third Brigade announced that it has expanded its partner program to support service providers. I’ve got to admit: Third Brigade wasn’t on my radar until I spotted them at the conference. But they’ve got my attention now. Here’s why. Continue reading