Ingram, Trend Micro Partner on Managed Services

When it comes to managed services, Trend Micro certainly has a sense for timing. The security company has launched a “pay as you go” managed service with Ingram Micro. The offering comes as Trend rival Symantec prepares to launch its own software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, know as the Symatec Protection Network. Let the showdown begin.

Ironically, Trend Micro and Symantec are attacking the managed services/SaaS opportunity from opposite fronts. While Trend focuses on security, the Symantec Protection Network initially zeros in on online storage management. Symantec is expected to extend the protection network with security components in the months ahead. However, a showdown between Symantec and Trend Micro in the MSP/SaaS market has been looming since earlier this year.

The upshot for solutions providers? Keep a close eye on Ingram Micro over the next few months. The distributor is among the most aggressive players in MSP market at the moment — building relationships across the board with MSP platform providers and ISVs. So far, it’s hard for me to argue with the strategy.


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