Understanding Managed Services Pay Scales

I ran into Hailey Lynne McKeefry, a freelance writer, at the MSP Alliance conference earlier this week. She was busy doing a series of interviews at the event, so I knew she was prepping a story on managed services. But what specific piece of the managed services puzzle was she investigating? I finally have my answer. Hailey has posted this story on MSP pay scales over at TechTarget.


One thought on “Understanding Managed Services Pay Scales

  1. Nice one Joe!

    This is a critical part of the MSP equation, on which I have never been able to get a clear and effective solution from anyone in the MSP world. It’s always based upon theory , conjecture and and as my old boss used to call it – Analytical, didactic BS. Perhaps next time Hailey could ping some real MSPs who actually practice the black art, rather than Vendors and Channel aggregators – which by the looks of things seem to be the only people available to talk to journalists these days. Hello! I personally have lost two top class Engineers because the numbers just didn’t add up for them. Another issue is that on-site service does not go away (in the real world that is although it may have in the Kaseya or N-Able marketing material) and you still need a loose Engineer available in case of network or severe hardware issues. Another benched asset costing me money. All-in-all when we do figure out the magic, we’re going to be loving life!

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