Ready, Set, Go to Managed Services for $99

If cost is the biggest hurdle standing between you and a managed services practice, consider this: Autotask has launched a new, low-cost managed services platform called Autotask Go! The hosted MSP platform has a fixed fee of $99 and no start-up costs. And the user interface (pictured) resembles intuitive, consumer-oriented designs (a la Quicken or Google Analytics).

Autotask Go!

According to Autotask CEO Bob Godgart, the Go! edition is designed for solutions providers with three or fewer employees. Godgart has been hinting about a potential low-cost solution for a few months, and officially announced it the SMB Nation conference in Seattle.

Autotask Go! combines basic service desk, customer management, billing and reporting functionality in a single, integrated, hosted solution, the company claims. At $99 per month, even the most price conscious VARs can likely afford to give managed services a try.

There’s certainly fertile ground for a low-end solution. Autotask estimates that there are roughly 50,000 solutions providers and MSPs with three or fewer employees.

For the rest of the channel, Autotask also announced a new release of its flagship platform, renamed Autotask Pro, and upgraded all existing hosted subscribers for free.


3 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go to Managed Services for $99

  1. Beats the hecks out of $132,000 for 2500 seats of Kaseya, but there is a small issue – it lacks some essential features like um, any Managed Services Tools at all?? MSP solutions include IT functions like in-depth Monitoring, Scripting, Auditing, Remote Access, System Management, Log Management etc. So hopefully they’ll somehow integrate themselves with an advanced MSP platform somehow and make it real. So the better description of Autotask at this point is a CRM component of an MSP solution. No?

  2. Actually, both editions of our software — Autotask Pro!and the new Autotask Go! — include built-in integrations with almost all Remote Monitoring systems, including those offered by N-able, LPI, Silverback, Kaseya, and about a dozen others. Currently, our platform can grab the incoming alerts from these systems and convert them into service tickets in our platform. Based on workflow automation rules set up by the user, these service tickets are automatically triaged and sorted — could be by issue type, device, priority, customer, tech you want to work on it etc. Automatic notifications are sent out by e-mail or sms to whomever you want to handle the issue. You can even set up autoescalation rules to ensure that no tickets fall through the cracks if they are not handled within a specific timeframe. Most importantly, you can log your time right into the service tickets, bill them, and produce reports.

    We are also working on deeper integrations with these products. Our first two next-gen integration partners are LPI and N-able. We are able to grab the asset descriptions collected by these systems and pull them into our product to manage contract compliance and billing. We also have live links right inside the tickets that allow you to launch the remote management tool offer by these products, and then close the ticket in both applications.

    So, to summarize, we are far more than just a CRM for MSPs. We are the complete backend solution to run the business side of the business and organize and manage the information needed for proper service delivery. But we are NOT in the business of Remote Monitoring and Management, but rather than chosen to integrate with any and all MSP tools that our customers chose to use.

    Hope that clarifies.

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